Wichita, Kansas, USA


Geez us…  There are some beautiful, corn-fed, white women our here in the American heart land.  Stay at the Hyatt Hotel, if you can.  It’s pretty and new and has a decent bar for a hotel chain.  Besides– it’s the nicest hotel in town and adjacent to downtown– like within walking distance.  Swade’s is a nice classy club—on Fridays it’s Latino night and on Saturdays it’ss hip hop night.

Heroes is a huge relatively new hot spot in town.  Avoid Indigo—unless you like fat, tatted up dark skinned girls with stretch marks, gold teeth and fake hair.  For the complete opposite experience, check out Doc Howard’s on a Thursday night.  That is whenever the University of Kansas girls are out here in force.  Rock Chalk Jay Hawk, baby!

God Damn Factor 8.5