Texas Gulf Coast, USA


South Padre Island is the hot spring break spot, mainly for Texans, Alabamans and chicks from the mid-west who can’t or don’t want to go anywhere else. This place does rock pretty hard by anyone’s standards, and there are some damn fine looking Southern girls from high school age right through the mid-twenties who show up year after year. The beach is large, but most of the partying during the day is on the beach in front of the Radisson Hotel. At night the only two places to party in the city are Louie’s Backyard and Charlie’s. Galveston is a variable from year to year. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes not. 16 and 18 mile beaches are the places to be when you’re here, because they are the only ones on which it’s legal to drink. Downtown has a few good bars where the local booty parties. Try The Spot, the biggest cheesiest dance club here. Broadway Ave has all the cool bars and clubs to hang out in, while you are visiting Galveston. Everyone in this town is friendly, so there should be easy pickin’s.

God Damn Factor 7.0