Tampa, Florida USA


Tampa is a great town. It’s young, vibrant and full of hot scamper. Channelside is a great place to be for nighttime revelry. I like macking on the waitresses at Splitsville and Aja.  They are so fine.  The Hooters in Channelside is generally decent as well.  Other places that I like in Channelside as well are Stumps and Howl at the Moon.  The Blue Martini at the International Mall is usually excellent.  Hottest waitresses and bartenders in the city.  Implants in push up corsets, blond hair and fine ass abound.  Tuesday night is Latin night. Muy caliente mujeres– LA ass everywhere. While you are at the International Mall, check out Oceans Prime—there you will find wealthy MILF’s everywhere or those pretending to be.  For perhaps the greatest titty bar in the entire United States of America check out Mons Venus, the only place that could make me forget about all the money I spent in Montreal. The dances will set you back $25-30US, but they’re worth $50!  Warm up at the Wing House just East of Tampa, which rivals the Daytona location as the best in Florida.  Most of those hot waitresses and bartenders will be heading to the Dallas Bull when they get off of work on Thursdays anyway.  Hang out at the bar the give out free drinks for the ladies or booty dance in the hip hop room upstairs.  Its 18 and up and full of fine ass central Florida girls.  Hyde Park Café on Tuesdays is rockin’, as well as Tavern on Fridays and Saturdays.  The women are so fine that you will be sure to email me a thank you any time. The Rack in Tampa on Sundays is service industry night, which means that all the hot help that you couldn’t talk to while they were working on Friday and Saturday nights, will be here with their hair down. Happy hunting.


The restaurants and clubs off of South Howard are excellent as well.  My favorite restaurant in the whole world is Berns on Howard.  The food is excellent.  The grow a lot of their vegetables on farms owned by the Berns Family.  The atmosphere is perfect to impress the lady of your dreams.  And best of all the wine list is absolutely the best in the world.  Impress your date by sipping on 150 yo Ports, 60yo Bordeaux’s and 220 yo ice wine.  The dining and desert areas are separate and have separate wine lists.  If you aren’t wanting to spend a ton of money on a chick, just do the desert room, which is a real treat.  Hopefully she will treat you afterward.  Other less expensive places to dine on S Howard are Ciccio’s California Kitchen, The Lie and Daily Eats.

The Lodge on S Howard is a cool club with a patio and has smokin’ hot waitresses who even hang out there on their days off and good looking chicks.  Thursdays is lady’s night and there is usually a theme.  Dress to impress as the lady’s do.  The other place I really like in this neighborhood is Mangroves.  Much larger club with a dance floor on the second floor and beautiful women—especially during the school year Thursday through Saturday.  If you are feeling more casual and want to dress down, there are two Irish bars, the Dubliner and MacDinton’s.  Mac D’s has a large patio bar and a inside area that usually has live music playing.  Cheap is a bar with some pool tables and is also a decent place to meet the ladies.

The University of South Florida is here, although we aren’t in South FL, and there are a couple of good bars to meet the Y on Thursdays.  Tia’s and Peabody’s are my favs.  I don’t like Ybor City.  Its gotten way too ghetto these days.  They close down the street in this section of town to automobiles and motorcycles after dark.



Where can you meet the help when they are not so uptight at work?  Well Head to The Hard Rock Casino and its famed Center Bar Thursday, Friday and Saturday night AFTER the bars close.  Those super hot waitresses and bartrenders Tampa is so famous for show up here between 2 and 4am, as it’s the only bar that still serves alcohol when the bars and clubs close.  The female bartenders at the Center Bar are to die for they are so gorgeous.

Floyds, which is a restaurant that turns into a bar and dance club late night Thursday through Saturday may be worth checking out, but not until late—like after 11pm. For naughty fun check out Ecstacy. Gentleman’s clubs that are decent here include the Doll House and the Penthouse– not as good as Mons Venus, but at least you can have a drink while the girls grind on your lap.

Nearby Lakeland, F has so many fine girls that that little town can support 2 Hooters AND a Wing House!  All of which are excellent for the Y.  Definitely worth the short drive.  What are they feeding those girls out there?  Whatever it is, we need to bottle and sell it.  Definitely define you “hitting on the help” game here.

God Damn Factor 9.5