Seoul, Korea Asia

Like Japan you almost have to speak some of the language to get anywhere in Korea or hangout with someone who can translate. Many of the young college students have studied English and can often read and write it, but cannot speak well. The place to be is the national capital of Seoul. This place can rock on the weekends, but I dare you to try to have a conversation with a Korean girl, who doesn’t speak English very well in the first place, over the deafening volume in the dance clubs. If you long to speak English to someone, head to Itaewon, where the US has maintained a military installation since the Korean War. You can find American G.I.’s hanging out on a street that has been affectionately dubbed “hooker hill”– blowing all their pay.

The Koreans tend to be the tallest of the Asian peoples. And considering my fetish for tall women I mentioned before, this physical trait makes this country my favorite destination in Asia. The women here are no where near as shy or timid as they are in Japan. Like the JAP’s (that’s stands for Jewish American Princess) you met in New York, they have no problems with letting you know exactly how they feel, in sharp contrast to Japanese women. The shopping district centers in an area of town called Myongdong. Imagine my elation when a beautiful Korean girl approached me and told me she was looking for “my own dong,’ then my disappointment when I found out it was a goddamn neighborhood in this city! The general areas to hang out in Seoul come nightfall are Kang Nam and Shinchon. Here there are greatest accumulation of bars and clubs. However the best places to scam on quality Korean booty out are inside the clubs of the major hotels. The Ritz Carlton, Club Juliana in the Emerald Hotel and Club J.J. Mahoney in the Hyatt Hotel are good places to start.

One word of etiquette; The Koreans drink of choice is whiskey, which is hell expensive and served with water and milk to help settle the stomach. Traditionally you never pour your own drink here. You must wait until a friend does it for you. If someone pours you a drink, you are obligated to have it. You risk insulting someone if you refuse. *** Jessica

God Damn Factor 8.0