Moscow, Russia Eastern Europe


I love this country.  The food is good.  Capitalism is thriving.  The women are hot.  And since the dudes here don’t take any shit from their women, they are generally well-mannered and well-behaved.  There are an extra-ordinary number of professional women here.  To meet the non-professionals you will have to brush up on your Russian before you come.  You will definitely need it.

Tveriskia is one of the main streets here and it leads to Red Square.  You will see more Beamers and Mercedes here than anywhere else on earth.  And the nicest Ferrari store anywhere in the world—Lenin must be turning over in his grave.  They are literally hanging from the rafters.  There are lots of Western Hotels here, where there are English Speaking staff, which you can often times hire privately to go out with you and help you translate with the ladies.  Just make sure he or she is young, cool and into the ladies like you are.  Just walking around the town will give you more than ample opportunity to try out your Russian with the local women.  Don’t be shy.  They expect you to be bold and daring!  Just don’t piss off any of the local, mafia-looking guys in the black suites who even have the remotest of chances to be with the chick you are talking to.  There are no fights in Russia.  Guys just know to walk away or risk getting killed.

For the pros, Night Flight has been around forever and is the standard when it comes to professional women in Moscow.  Smoking hot, dressed to the nines and set to prey on the hundreds of foreign businessmen who come here every week.  Wear a jacket and tie or risk looking like a jack ass.  Alternatively you can stay or hang out at the Hilton in Red Square, where the pros are around all of the time and more than willing to help take your mind off of the hard day of getting rejected by the local girls.