Other Places in Brazil


Sao Paulo is also a great city to meet women. But beware;  this city is huge, vast, and incredibly hard to navigate.  And its landlocked.  No beach like Rio, so the culture is a totally different.  Prices are higher because this is the business capital of South America.  These is a working class town and lacks the flashiness and glamour typical of Rio. The Southern regions of this country are the richest and the safest for foreigners to visit. The women here tend to look more Portuguese than Brazilian. If you can speak a little Portuguese or have a friend who does, you will do fine. While visiting these places you will definitely be a novelty, as foreigners infrequently visit them. If you like one of the girls in one of these towns, and her parents like you, you may find yourself trying to talk your way out of getting married. Don’t do anything stupid. She probably just wants your Nikes anyway!

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