NewPort Beach, CA/ Costa Mesa, CA

These are a couple of suburbs just south of LA– just off of the 405 and right by John Wayne Airport. Super small, but there are some quality women here– ranging from the relatively young professional female with her own money (this is the place with more young, wealthy single people than anywhere else in America), to the young, pretty daughter of the rich business man in town and his trophy wife– who’s parents sponsor her every endeavor, to divorced MILF’s to jail bail– you name it.
Taleo in Newport is a cool, hip, Mexican fusion restaurant and bar with a great happy hour during the week. Mack on the cute YP at the hostess stand or waiting on you in the lounge area. If you get bored, check out The Daily Dose (or Double D, as the local call it)– it’s right across the way from Taleo. Afterwards head to La Cave in Costa Mesa. Like the name implies, it is underground. Restaurant by day, bar/lounge/dance club by night. Why would you love this place– easy. The women here appreciate older, successful, educated men– since this town in full of them. Her father probably is, and you know how girls always go for guys like their fathers. So she will totally dig that Harvard ring and that degree behind your name. Happy smooching. And when you meet that girl who totally digs you, take her home to the Island Hotel– an oasis/paradise a short cab ride away. It’s sure to impress the Y.Really close to the Island Hotel is an area called Fashion Island with a lot of shops and restaurants. You can walk there in 8 minutes from the hotel. There you will find the rich wives, ex-wives and daughters of the guys in this town who are totally LOADED. Find that trust fund baby Y and have her pay for drinks for a change. There is a Yard House here as well as an R & D Kitchen– a place perfectly situated to watch the fine Y walking by. Outside, between the big, retail clothing stores, there are great places to lounge about and watch the eye candy stroll by with their freshly bought stuff– bought and paid for from whatever man is sponsoring their shopping spree that day.

Nearby in Irvine, CA– check out a section of town called The District– with loads of bars, restaurants and places to hang out. If you are here in the early fall, the Taste of Newport Festival is always a good time. All the big restaurants and bars in this town have a booth there. There is live music and honey all about– mostly working there in the booths. It’s perfect. You have a captive audience. Get your 5 minutes in and get her out that night.