Havana, Cuba Caribbean


‘m including Cuba for completeness sake, although I know many of you won’t ever go there while Castro is in power. Unfortunately, if you want to hook up with beautiful women in Cuba, you had better bring your checkbook. Cuba is so poor that every woman who can, works as a prostitute— sad commentary for the Cuban people. Most all of the prostitution centers around Havana’s multitude of hotels frequented mostly by European and Asian businessmen on a “sex holiday”. Actually, the best place to meet Cuban women is Miami, Florida. Miami is owned and run by the Cubans. (This is not always a good thing, however.) The clubs, hotels, restaurants and businesses for the most part belong to ex-pats from this island. Every Cuban girl in Miami is bilingual and beautiful. There are plenty of chicas to choose from, most of whom you have to pay for. Do you want to know the best reason to visit Cuba? The cigars here are the best in the world. My personal favorite include the Coheba’s and Monte Cristos #1. Thankfully, you can get authentic Cuban cigars in places like Canada, the Bahamas and England as opposed to the numerous fakes that pervade the markets in places like Miami and Mexico.

God Damn Factor 8.0