Gadsden, Alabama USA

Gadsden, Alabama, USA. Small town. Confederate flag hanging from many of the homes. Not much to do out here besides fish and eat catfish. Cute red-neck girls out here due to a couple of smaller community colleges in the area. Lots of MILF’s. Live music is huge here. Just about every bar and club has a cover of about $10. By far the best Y will be found at a cool, hip lounge called Twisted at 504 Broad Street. You would never think a place this nice would be in the middle of Gadsden, Alabama, but it is and the girls LOVE IT. Go get ’em, Tiger.

The Chestnut Saloon has live music and cute country girls drinking at the bar, but it’s loud and hard to talk to the ladies at times. Dr. Feel Goodz is a another place to meet the older single mother type ladies. (No thanks. I’ll pass.) However the club does tend to redeem itself with the jello wrestling contests. There another place to meet older single mother types is a tiny country bar with a big attitude, the Wagon Wheel. After hours, there is After Life, a members only dance club open until 5am.

God Damn Factor 7.5