Bogata, Columbia South America


This country is full of beautiful women—but clearly the places you should concentrate are Cali and Medellin.  Bogata is a bit pretentious, but easy to get around for foreigners and relatively safe.  Cali is a beach town on the east side of the country and Medellin is a city in the mountains.  Want proof?  Go to Miami and go up to any hot Columbian girl and asked her, “Are you from Cali or Medellin?”  I guarantee that she will say one or the other city.  She’ll acted shocked that you guessed right.  Be sure to let her know how you knew.  Haha…

You know what I love about this country?  Every kind of girl is here that you can possibly imagine is here.  You can find beautiful virgins who still live at home with their parents—waiting to get married, and you can find wild, crazy whores who will sleep with you 10 minutes after meeting you.  Wild.

I had a friend of mine who was an ER doctor in Vegas who was dating a girl in Cartehana.  We hung out with all of her beautiful sisters and cousins all day and then the crazy party chicks all night.  The best of both worlds!  Just awesome.

Puerto Rican chicas, like Mexican women and American cars, are notorious for being beautiful when they are young and not when they’re older, although this is not always the case. The best place to hang out in Puerto Rico is San Juan. The Condado area especially on La Isla Verde Ave is the place to party. Every weekend starting on Thursday, the place is packed. Good luck finding a place to park. The best night clubs tend to be in the hotels in and around downtown San Juan. The hottest clubs are the Flamingo Club, Armadeus and Ibiza. Conveniently enough, the best hotels and beaches also lie in this area. Another great place to meet women is the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, affectionately referred to by the residents of this island as “U. P.” Most Thursdays, there is a party or concert in the student center, which is packed for lunch everyday. There are some decent bars just outside of campus. The best of these is Pio Pio on Pinero Street. The bars on Roosevelt street aren’t bad either. The best shopping center on the island is the mall at La Plaza de Las Americas. There are always plenty of chicas shopping for hot outfits to scam on.

God Damn Factor 8.0