Columbia South Carolina USA

Home of the University of South Carolina Game Cocks, baby! Haha… I just love saying that. So this city is a college town with a little more to it. Wet Willies (for those high octane frozen drinks), Flying Saucer (with their smoking, hot waitresses), Jillians, Liberty Tap,Mushroom,  and Wild Hare Sports Bar (where most of the locals hang out) are great places to meet the ladies. They are all in a section of town called Vista, a more professional part of town but the college girls over 21 will come here, if not to party, then to work as waitresses and bar tenders.

Five Points is where more of the YP hangs out. It’s not too far from campus—just down Blossom. Cheaper bars with drink specials and college nights—places like Sharky’s, LocalsLucky’s, etc. There’s a two story Starbucks and of course a Pita Pit to score late night munchies to soak up the alcohol! Both great places to meet the Y.

On campus of course the hotties abound. The girls here got some junk in the trunk—especially the white girls! Go figure. The campus gym is amazing. Sneak in and work out and meet some the Y on the stair master. After you’re done with the work out, mingle with the girls over at Yoghut. It’s a cool frozen yogurt place that the girls totally love—and it’s right next to campus.

Stay at the Sheraton downtown. It used to be an old-school bank— with a mechanized vault and all. The girls will totally dig it. Best restaurant in the city is the Blue Marlin— a great place for a date with that beautiful girl you met last night. Impressive entrance and good eats.

You can always take a girl to nearby Augusta, Georgia, where fat, old, rich men play golf. Stay at the Marriot and eat at the Maison Restaurant– owned and run by an old German Chef. Nice and romantic.

God Damn Factor 8.5