College Station Texas


College Station is a veritably playground full of hot, corn-fed country, college girls, with big curves and even bigger personalities. Texas A&M rules here, and it only makes sense to come during the school year.



North Gate (on College Main and University) is the center of the social universe outside of campus. There are tons of places to hang out and I will list more than a few of my favorites. But if you just show up and follow the noise, you will be fine. The Corner (3 floors of fun), Antonino’s (where everyone goes after the clubs for late night pizza), Hookah Station Lounge and Night Club, the Foundation Room, the Social, Gatsby’s (although sometimes they are pricks and only let in people with college ID’s– not good for the older PB in search of the Y), Kyoto Sushi (which goes from restaurant during the day to club at night), Logans, the Tipsy Turtle, Paddock Lane, O’Bannon’s, Daisy Dukes (great kicker bar), Dry Bean saloon for shots, Dixie Chicken to chill, Mad Hatters, Cedar Lane, Draft Rebel House, Cafe Eccell (a pizza and wine bar) and La Bodega (a baja taco bar).

Christine’s, Veritas and Madden’s (in Bryan, Texas– right next door) are all great places to bring a girl for dinner. You will surely impress. If you into hitting on the help, for sure check out the boat loads of cute waitresses at Texas Road House Restaurant.

God Damn Factor 8.0