Aspen, Colorado, USA

Damn!  This place is full of lots of rich, white people.  When you fly in on your commercial flight, check out the sea of the private jets lining the run ways.  It’s expensive to fly here.  It’s expensive to stay here.  It’s expensive to live here.  It’s expensive to ski and snowboard here.  It’s expensive to eat here.  It’s expensive to drink here.  And that’s the way the people here like to keep it—rich, white and exclusive.  There nothing to do during the day but hit the slopes where if you are super lucky, you may meet some Y on the mountain or on the ski lift.  As an alternative you can hit up La Creperie Du Village for lunch or Ajax Tavern at the base of Aspen Mountain.

 At Ajax you may see some hot cougars up here 7900 feet above sea level, where the alcohol hits them harder—vacationing with their ex-husband’s money.  Aspen is way too family oriented for the typical PB.  Occasionally you may run across some hot daughters of the rich, white guys and their trophy wives up here.  But it’ll be tough trying to get them away from the watchful eyes of Mommy and Daddy.  If you are willing, you can get contact info and follow up with the hot daughters when they are back home or back at college.  If you bring your own Y to Aspen (as I always do), take her to Brezie Bressarie for a great meal, L’Hosteria for overpriced, average Italian food, Pinons for American Continental, Jimmy’s or Su Casa.  The night life here mostly consists of bars—The Red Onion, Finbarr’s, Justice Snow’s, and Eric’s (which is like 4 things in one—a restaurant, pool hall, a bar and a lounge).  There is one night club here with lots of PB’s looking for the same thing you are.  It’s called Escobars.  It’s underground with a decent bar and tiny dance floor.

God Damn Factor—7.0