There is very little ethnic diversity in the Asian countries. That means if you don’t like the way Asians girls look, don’t bother visiting. However, if you are like me and keep an open mind or are like some of my short-statured, Bohemian friends with Asian fetishes, you will love this place. I dare any man to fly one of the Asian airlines on his way over here to visit and be waited on hand and foot by beautiful, Asian women and leave the plane without a newly-discovered Asian fetish, or at the very least an intense curiosity as to what they are like. Now Asian girls generally are generally quite pretty from the neck up. From the waist down varies from totally emaciated to damn fine. But between the neck and waistline, they tend to be shaped like my little brother. Blame the diet. Typical western diets loaded with fat will mutate what would have been a skinny, flat-chested girl into one that has something in her bra resembling breasts.

In Asia you cannot, and I mean you cannot, forget your manners. That kind of stuff is taken very seriously around here. Don’t act like the ugly, foreign barbarian that you very well may be. There are generally much stricter rules of behavior for the social interactions between men and women here than in other parts of the world. This may make Asian girls a little harder to runkle as compared to girls from other countries. This is changing however, as western influence pervades the minds of Asian youth through television, music and movies. The bad thing about Asians is that they tend to be very racist. But thankfully, this is also changing. Keep in mind also that Asians will never tell you to your face whether or not they like you, so sometimes it’s difficult to know where you stand. In this respect they are kind of like people in the southern United States. They may be polite to you, whether they like you or not.

People do a lot of bowing around here and other acts of submissiveness you’ll soon find out about— hopefully. It is a sign of respect, a concept which permeates this society. Unlike in the west, where its intermittent expression can oftentimes be insulting. I remember when I went to visit the neurosurgery department in a large hospital in Seoul for a few days. The head of the department had six young, attractive secretaries working for him, that lucky bastard. And everyday they would bow simultaneously when greeting me. Having beautiful women bowing to me– now that’s pretty damn cool.

In most every Asian country you may visit with the exception of India, you cannot hit on the locals without some knowledge of the language, or at least having a bilingual friend nearby to help you out. It can be done though, albeit at great difficulty. I once got a date with a gorgeous, Korean girl, who a friend help me scam on in a bar. By buddy arranged for us to meet the next day but couldn’t help me translate, because he was on call in the hospital. So I spent four hours communicating with her with made-up sign language and gestures. I asked for sex by making the international “index finger in the other hand’s circled finger” symbol. She looked at me and handed me a number 9 metric wrench. “Sank you bery much”, I said. Wouldn’t you know it? She understood some English after all! The professional women, especially those who work for big western companies in Asian countries usually speak English pretty well, as do some of the students who are studying English in the University. If you are the tall, blonde pale-faced kind of guy, you will do well here, since people who look like you are not common. The chicks will be curious. So use your novel looks to your advantage.

When visiting Japan as with any other Asian country, you absolutely have to speak the language, or hangout with someone who does, if you hope to communicate at all. Also realize that it’s extremely expensive to eat, drink, sleep and runkle in Tokyo. A ride from Narita airport to downtown will cost you about $300US. For a price of a personal computer with all the amenities bought in Japan, you could buy a house in many places in the US. These inflated prices are caused mainly by the protectionistic trade policies of the Japanese. The citizens of Japan are not complainers and seem at least content with this policy of their government. If your pockets aren’t as deep as the holes in the ground left when the atomic bombs were dropped on this country in WWII, stay with friends or at hostels, shop at markets and don’t drink too much alcohol out at the bars and clubs.

Let’s talk about Japanese women. The unique thing about them is that they are timid, timid, timid, except when it comes to pleasing their men. Japanese women traditionally teach their daughters how to “do what their men want”, so that they are prepared when the time comes for them to get married. You can feel unbelievably selfish, if you’re enjoying the sex she is giving you, and you know that she may not be enjoying herself likewise. Contrast this with the spoiled French chick you met in Paris. But they seem genuinely not to mind. And trust me. After a while you won’t care. Any chick who gets by on eating salted raw squid and pickled cabbage roots can not possibly mind giving the occasional runkle all that much.

People here like American baseball, Suma wrestling and techno/house music. Keep that in mind as you explore Tokyo’s nightlife that it generally centers in the Roppongi Area. The best places to go out are Yellow (no jokes) on Cesaurus Nishi Azabu, The Liquid Room on Shinjuku Humax Pavilion, Kabuki-cho and Milk in the Roob Building on Ebisunishi. But the mecca of all that is cool in Tokyo is Valfarre on Roppongi. At least these places have some English-speaking clientele, employees and Japanese girls. For those of you who took Japanese 101, the options are much more numerous. Yoro no Tula is a popular chain of waterholes in Tokyo, not unlike Peels Pub in Canada. They are decent places to try out your Japanese on the locals. Keep in mind that if you hook up at all in this country, consider yourself the man. The Japanese do not look favorably at their young women hooking up or even hanging out with foreigners. Even for a Japanese woman to walk down the street with you in some parts of Tokyo will bring name-calling and hurt feelings. If she likes you that much, she’ll likely take you to one of the many “love hotels” in this city specializing in catering to enamored couples.

God Damn Factor 8.0.