Arizona Lakes, USA


The lake that spring breakers mostly head to year after year is Lake Havimasu. The bad thing about this place is that this year it’s hot, the next it’s cold, and the next it’s hot again. You just never know. It is totally variable from year to year and week to week during the spring break season. I wouldn’t take the chance on coming here and missing out on a spring break spot like the ones in Mexico or Florida, if I didn’t know for sure that the big schools in Arizona and California would be well represented. The schools from these states stock the Arizona Lakes with YP each March. The other bad thing about this place is that it tends to be pretty annoyingly cliquey. Girls will come down here with a group of their girlfriends and guy friends and not wonder off to hook up with some random PB. There is no true beach, so people tend to rent huge party boats, where they chill with their friends, lay out and rankle. Unless your idea of party hopping involves a swim from destination to destination, this may not be the place for you. However, there are places where everyone hangs out in town come nightfall. If you have a chance to go with some friends who know good-looking women who will be there, by all means go, if nothing else, just to check it out.

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